About Us

Image was taken by BLK Pearl Photography at our first vendor store opportunity in Canada Black Owned Marketplace Nov 2021.
NUGS Popcorn was established in 2020 by its founder & CEO, Jewell Duncan. It was inspired by her favorite childhood memories and paired with her love for cannabis, where she got the crazy idea to birth NUGS
NUGS is a gourmet popcorn & treats brand who specializes in using simple, yet unconventional ingredients to Elevate your Flavor! We cater to ALL diets and are proud to be pioneers in modern day snacking with innovative flavors and creations all stemming from your favorite snack, POPCORN! 
We hope you get a chance to Elevate Your Flavor with us time and time again ! 

"People That Ae Hungry Are Willing To Do The Things Today Others Won't Do, In Order To Have The Things Tomorrow That Others Won't Have" 
- Les Brown